Welcome to my little Slice of the Internet

Either on purpose or through a little to much Googling, you have found the online home of Powers Custom Creations.  My name is Brad and I appreciate you being here!  So now what?  Well...In addition to being able to buy stuff from my Etsy shop, I plan to start writing blog posts and making videos demonstrating how I make what you find here and probably subjecting you to my various hobbies and Interests.

This is my "side hustle" and my "day job" can be pretty intense, including lots of travel. This leads me to always estimate longer delivery times than are typical for the kinds of products I like to make. I want to create an amazing experience for every customer and part of that is setting realistic expectations. I always intend to beat every date I set but life has a way of creating plenty of distractions. I will never sacrifice quality for speed. If something isn't right, I'd rather beg for forgiveness than ship a potential disappointment to a client.

The vision for Powers Custom Creations is to make and sell high quality items with a unique flair, featuring old world craftsmanship and taking advantage of modern technology. Do you have comments, suggestions or pithy remarks? Please share them!

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